• Explanation-photoelectric-effect

    Photoelectric Effect

    What is Photoelectric Effect? “The Photoelectric Effect is a physical phenomenon in which electrons are emitted from a material after…

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  • liquid-marble-texture

    Black Body Radiation

    Black Body Radiation Black Body Radiation is a term used to refer to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a black…

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  • Quantum Numbers

    Quantum Numbers

    What are Quantum Numbers? “Quantum numbers are a set of four integers used to describe the energy states of an…

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  • Hydrogen

    Position and Occurence of Hydrogen Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table and has the atomic number of…

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  • Matter

    What is Matter? “Matter is the physical material of the universe, composed of atoms and molecules, which have mass and…

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  • Acid Base and Salt

    Acids and bases are very important in a number of processes that occur in the body. The pH scale ranges…

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