• Earth magnetic field diagram vector illustration

    Exploring the Earth’s Magnetic Field

    Earth’s magnetic field A magnetic field is an invisible force generated by the motion of charged particles. This force is…

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  • physics-optics-ray-refraction-cubic-prism

    Reflection of Light

    What is Reflection of Light? Reflection of light is the phenomenon in which light bounces off of a surface, resulting…

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  • Newtons Laws of Motion

    Newtons Laws of Motion

    Historical Context of Newton’s Laws Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion, published in 1687, revolutionized the way we understand and…

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  • Friction


    Friction “Friction is an external force that opposes motion between two surfaces in contact.”It is necessary for the generation of…

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  • Acceleration

    What is Acceleration ? “Acceleration is the rate at which something changes its speed“. It is the rate of change…

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  • Velocity

    What is Velocity ? The word velocity is derived from the Latin word “velocitas“. “Velocity is the rate at which…

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